Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a unique genetic disorder. It could cause many different symptoms. There are a few types of NF. NF1 is the most common. The chances of someone having NF1 is about 1 in 3,000; the chances of someone having NF2 is about 1 in 25,000! There might be someone else in your town who has NF too! You might know them but not know that they have NF! People can't tell you have NF by walking by you. That is why people go to the doctor because they are trained to help people find NF and make them feel better. NF1 is usually diagnosed when someone is very young, usually by the time they are 8 years old. NF2 is usually diagnosed when someone is a young adult.

Children's Page

  This page is meant to educate kids with NF😀

Game Page

 This page is meant to recap what you learned from the children's page in a fun way. You can do the word search, color in the Children Tumor Foundation's coloring book, and watch their video too!