NF is something you are born with. Someone with NF is born every 12 minutes. Each person with NF is unique. Some people have something called a tumor. Some people have something else called scoliosis, which is a curve in the back. Some people have walking or speech difficulties, and some people don't have any of that.

 NF is not contagious, which means that you can't give it to someone else by touching them. People with NF go to the doctor more often than someone without NF. Doctors are important because they keep us healthy. Doctors want the best for us. They look at us and see if we are healthy.

 People with NF are diagnosed (told) by doctors that they have it. Doctors might see things called cafĂ©-au-lait spots. They are flat, and light brown, and kind of look like birthmarks. Some people have trouble learning, some have something called a tumor on their eye. Some have bones that have curves in them. Also, some people have bumps called neurofibromas. They are not dangerous, and grow in or under the skin. Finally, some people have freckling, a large head, and might be shorter than average.